As we continue to understand more about the cosmos with each passing year, the ocean and sea floors remain quite a mystery even to this day. What has now become clear, thanks to a new study published by the Elementa journal, is that the life at the bottom of our own planet is facing some serious threats in the near future.

Temperature changes and imbalanced ecosystems

Human activity is one of the most important factors that determine the future of our collective ecosystem. In an attempt to better our own lives, we continue to risk the lives of countless beings around the world, and every emerging study only confirms this theory.

Our impact on the climate, along with processes such as acidification and deoxygenation, will take a serious toll on life that has been thriving on the sea floor so far. The study revealed that by 2100, nearly 55% off all food supplies in the deepest regions of our water bodies could dry up, causing microbes and other Animals to face the prospect of starvation.

Andrew Sweetman, a member of this research team from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, says that the impact of our modern ways is “pretty scary”. He said that the team tried to understand how a complex amalgam of various factors such as global warming, reduced food supply, and change in pH and oxygen levels could affect our distant neighbors.

When you combine all these factors, the results point out that the future of the ocean and sea floors could be quite bleak.

A symbiotic relationship

The biodiversity within our planet is connected to each other in unimaginable ways, and a serious threat to one form of life could ripple across our collective ecosystem. The deep ocean is not just the most abundant system on our planet, but is also vitally important in the removal of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

It also helps sustain our fishing industry and is home to a vast spectrum of species, a considerable portion of which still remain undiscovered.

It is of utmost importance that we understand the consequences of our actions and work together as a species in ensuring that our search of luxury and modernization doesn’t affect the world around us in such drastic ways.