President Donald Trump held an indoor campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada. The gathering was a unique one in the age of Coronavirus because most of the people did not wear facemasks. In addition, they did not bother to maintain social distancing. These are not in accordance with the state regulations or the pandemic health guidelines of the Trump administration.

The president explained to the gathering that the nation was in the last stage of countering the coronavirus. It seems Donald Trump wanted to convey a message that normalcy is returning.

He did not make any mention of the number of deaths. Incidentally, while most of the people did not have the facemasks, those who occupied the stands behind the president did have them. In order to boost the morale of his people he said, “We are not shutting the country again. A shutdown would destroy the lives and dreams of millions of Americans.” The earlier indoor rally of Donald Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a disappointment.

The Guardian says in the hour-long speech, he attacked his rival Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

He suggested that Biden was into drugs and was soft on crime. In his words, a win for Biden would not auger well for the country.

Gov. Steve Sisolak on the handling of the virus by Donald Trump

Those who attended the indoor rally underwent temperature checks and while facemasks were encouraged, few wore them. Gov. Steve Sisolak is a Democrat and in May, he limited the in-person gatherings both indoors and outdoors.

It was 50 people and was a part of reopening guidelines recommended by the White House. The Guardian adds that the governor accused Donald Trump of indulging in actions that were not only reckless but selfish as well. He was putting lives in danger, he intimated. The governor went to the extent of saying that Trump believes the rules of the state are not binding on him.

The campaign of Donald Trump flouted the pandemic norms

The indoor rally of Donald Trump was held on the premises of a manufacturing complex. The city of Henderson informed the company about possible penalties that could be imposed on it because of the rally which violated the governor’s emergency directives related to COVID-19. The Guardian quotes campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh as saying that in the age of various incidents of protests and riots, people got together to listen to the President of the United States.

The next itinerary of Donald Trump is California where he will probably get briefed on the wildfires in the state. These have claimed dozens of lives in Oregon and California and destroyed vast expanse of land.

Donald Trump launches verbal attack on his rival Joe Biden

According to CNN, President Donald Trump is keen to have another term in the White House. He held an indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada where he addressed his supporters. During his speech, he launched a verbal attack on his rival Joe Biden of the Democratic Party. The president talked about the voting record and mental acuity of Biden and about law and order. Incidentally, Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden in the convention speech ratings.

The indoor rally in Nevada came after a number of outdoor events and the earlier indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was to signal his return to the campaign trail. However, the attendance was not as per his expectations. Moreover, after Tulsa, the coronavirus cases increased in the region. An event of this nature could accelerate the spread of the virus, which still does not have a vaccine. In the absence of a vaccine, the medics advise people to take precautions like avoiding crowded places and maintaining social distancing.