It was the first rally of Donald Trump after 110 days. The purpose of the rally was to restart his reelection effort with another five months to go for elections. However, the empty seats did not send across a very positive message. To add to his problems, some members of his campaign staff were down with Coronavirus. The president had plenty of grievances about the pandemic. It has its origin in China and spread across the world leaving behind a trail of deaths. Trump made efforts to justify his handling of the disease. He ignored health warnings to participate in the indoor rally but it did not provide the boost he had expected.

The First Post says the campaign officials had to scrap plans for Trump to address the crowds outdoors because the numbers before the rally began were low. In the words of President Donald Trump, the November election would be a tossup between national heritage and left-wing radicalism. When he thundered, “the silent majority is stronger than ever before," most of the seats were vacant. He attributed it to the media and protests going on outside.

There were few pre-rally demonstrators and they were peaceful. The local police reported just one arrest on Saturday afternoon.

Donald Trump displays a sense of humor

The duration of his rally was about 105 minutes and he used 10 minutes to share bits and pieces of some of his recent experiences. That had his audience laughing along with him.

It was to release pent up emotions because no president trying for reelection likes to see a near-empty hall staring back at him. The news of coronavirus infection among his campaign staff came just before he left for Oklahoma. He expressed displeasure that the information had leaked out.

The First Post quotes Trump saying: “They want to demolish our heritage so they can impose their new repressive regime in its place." He spoke in the context of issues like tearing down statues.

In his words, the left-wing people are trying to vandalize the history, and desecrate monuments. He also made a mention of imposing a prison sentence to anyone who shows disrespect to an American flag. Incidentally, he did not bring up the subject of George Floyd, the Black man who died at the hands of a white Minnesota police officer that led to protests from across the country.

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump in the polls

Coronavirus had led to a shutdown of large gatherings in the United States since March. Hence, Trump’s campaign decided to have a rally in the city of Tulsa. The First Post says they initially chose Juneteenth but dropped it when they realized that it could revive some unpleasant memories dating back to 1921.

So they chose the next day because they wanted to reenergize the president, who was trailing behind Democrat Joe Biden in polls. Trump wanted to reassure Republicans who were growing anxious about the state of the presidential race. City officials had expected a massive crowd at the rally but that did not happen.

Turnout in Tulsa disappoints Donald Trump

According to ABC AU, the number of people who attended the Tulsa rally was far less than expectations. For a president trying for a second term in the White House, it could mean a lack of support. The campaign expected an overcrowded venue but estimates put the actual number to around 6,000. The rally was to kickstart Trump’s bid for re-election in November.

In his speech, Donald Trump dwelt on his opponent Joe Biden, the nominee of the Democratic Party. He also touched upon topics like coronavirus and the state of race relations. Polls indicate the disapproval of Americans to the way Trump handled the pandemic that has taken a heavy toll of lives. On the subject of this pandemic, Donald Trump cut the funding to the WHO.