Joe Biden is the candidate of the Democratic Party who wants to deny a second term to Donald Trump in the White House. Both of them have had their say to voters via the acceptance speeches. Daily Mail UK mentions that Biden has taken the lead in the rating war. The difference is nearly 800,000 viewers in favor of Biden based on Nielsen numbers. One media outlet revealed the figures to be 23.8 million for Trump compared to 24.6 million for Biden. The statistics take into account nine cable and broadcast networks but excludes those who went online to watch them.

The Democratic National Convention DNC was a virtual incident because of coronavirus, and Biden's communications team was happy at the news.

Sabers drawn between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Daily Mail UK says Donald Trump interacted with reporters in the White House but avoided taking questions. He announced pardoning Alice Johnson, a criminal justice reform advocate who was aided by Kim Kardashian. It happened before the ratings came out and were a surprise pardon. There was a display of fireworks after both conventions. As far as the two conventions go, the one of Joe Biden was totally virtual. The venue was a darkened room in his adopted hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. A handful of reporters were around for the 25-minute address.

However, Trump had an audience of 1,500 supporters for his 70-minute address, and those present were not following proper social distancing protocols. These are precautionary measures meant to reduce the possibilities of infection. In the course of his speech, Donald Trump mentioned the name of his opponent 41 times, but Joe Biden avoided mentioning his opponent's name even once.

In June 2020, Donald Trump faced empty seats in his comeback rally in Tulsa.

Donald Trump trails Joe Biden in viewership

According to the Los Angeles Times, it was the show of Donald Trump on the final night of the Republican convention. He gave his acceptance speech from the White House South Lawn, but his viewership fell short of that of Joe Biden, the Democratic Party contender for the White House.

The figure is considerably lower than the 35 million TV viewers of 2016. It was also less than the viewership of previous Republican Party nominees. Trump garnered 23.8 million viewers, and it fell short of earlier contenders of his party. In 2004, it was George W. Bush who had 27.6 million viewers. In 2008, the contender was John McCain, with 38.9 million viewers. Next time in 2012, it was Mitt Romney with 30.3 million viewers. Of course, a drop in viewership need not be a yardstick to gauge the popularity of leaders in the world of today. This is because viewers have an option to use online streaming platforms, which are not included in the Nielsen ratings. It remains to be seen whether the Democratic Party can regain control of the White House.

The party is determined to ensure that the present incumbent makes way for someone else.

Speech of Donald Trump was a long one

The drop in viewership for Donald Trump could have been because of the long duration of his acceptance speech. It went on for more than an hour, 70 minutes to be more specific. It ended after 11:30 p.m. Eastern, and the number of people who watch television usually declines as the night goes on. Los Angeles Times goes on to add that the decline was for both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention. It was 21 percent for the former and 16 percent for the latter compared to figures for 2016. Incidentally, the party with the larger audience has won seven times out of 15 since 1960. In 2016, viewership for Hillary Clinton was more than that of Donald Trump, and he won.