Just a day after Hope Hicks admitted she told lies to protect Donald Trump, she announced her resignation as White House Communications Director. In response, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has decided to come out strongly in defense of Hicks' work in the administration.

Sanders on Hicks

As part of the ongoing investigation into Russian election interference, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks admitted to investigators that she told "white lies" on behalf of Donald Trump.

While the testimony lasted nearly nine hours, it was Hicks' "white lies" comment that quickly went viral, leading to her resignation on Wednesday afternoon. Additional reports claim that Trump was so angry over Hicks' comment during the testimony that he privately "berated" her which caused the final straw with the White House.

Despite this, the White House has been publicly supportive of Hope Hicks and her decision to step down, with Donald Trump referring to her as a "truly great person" in a statement. In addition, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders decided to tweet out her thoughts on March 1.

"There is no one that can fill the void Hope Hicks will leave behind. She is in a league of her own and no one can replace her," Sanders tweeted. "Far and away one of the most talented and skilled people I’ve ever met and coming to work won’t be the same without her," she concluded. As expected, after Sanders' defense of Hicks, the press secretary quickly received heat over her remarks.

Quick shots

With the resignation of Hope Hicks remaining a hot topic, Sarah Huckabee Sanders' defense quickly came under fire. "My favorite part was when she helped cover up the guy who beats his wife," one tweet read in response to Hicks' involvement in the Rob Porter scandal.

"Then quit and hang out with Hope.

You won’t be missed," Tony Ponnanski tweeted out. "Don’t get too comfortable. Didn’t you just lose your Top Secret Security Clearance? You should go too!" a Twitter user wrote. "A 29 y/o with no political experience & very little corporate experience. Huckleberry’s bar is verrrrrrry low," yet another tweet went on to read.

"Don't worry, you won't be there without her that long Ms.

Accessory-after-the-fact," an additional tweet stated. "And one by one they leave either being fired or by resigning. It's a sad day for America to watch the government in such a pathetic mess," a social media user added.