In recent days, the political world in Washington has been turned upside down over a variety of hot topics breaking at the same time. After Kellyanne Conway decided to offer her thoughts, she quickly received backlash.

Conway's defense

Following the latest school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month, the White House has been scrambling to come up with a political defense that puts them on the offensive.

Despite this, Donald Trump and his team have continued to find themselves against the wall, with the president making outrageous statements and revealing controversial policy proposals. In addition, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks has announced her resignation just one day after admitting that she told "white lies" to protect the president.

During a March 1 interview on Fox News, Kellyanne Conway praised the president on his plans for gun reform. "The president has taken a leadership role from day one that we all learned about this terrible tragedy," Conway said. Conway then went on to defend Trump, claiming that his recent comments about taking guns away from mentally ill people was taken out of context.

"This meeting was not about gun control. This meeting, let's not forget, is about school safety," she said, before adding, "the president respects the Constitution, including the Second Amendment."

While Kellyanne Conway is spending time doing her best to defend Donald Trump and his position on gun reform and the Second Amendment, she also took time to tweet out her support for Hope Hicks.

"I love you and will miss you, Hope Hicks," Conway wrote.

Instant mockery

Following Kellyanne Conway's remarks, critics of the administration wasted no time firing back. "When are you leaving?" one tweet asked.

"You know who else loves her?

Mr. Robert Mueller," a follow-up tweet added in reference to Hope Hicks. "You can go with her if you miss her that much," Tony Posnanski wrote. "Apparently Hope admitted that she lied. Kellyanne, when are you going to admit this also?" a Twitter user went on to wonder.

"If the POTUS respected the Constitution he would have never made that statement," yet another tweet stated.

"Does anyone else think Kellyanne looks /talks like she may have a drug problem? Family intervention time?" a social media user noted. As the backlash continued to pure in, it became clear that the opposition to Donald Trump and his entire administration was not going to end anytime soon.