With the start of women's history Month, some of the top females in the White House have given their thoughts. After Ivanka Trump decided to speak out, it didn't take long before critics of the administration fired back.

Ivanka on Twitter

Donald Trump's controversial history with women is well-documented and has plagued his presidency and campaign before it.

From the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape, to over a dozen women accusing him of sexual misconduct, to multiple reports alleging extramarital affairs with adult film stars, Trump has been forced to downplay and deny the scandals and reports throughout the course of his time in office.

With the drama hovering over the White House, Donald Trump has also come under fire for his policies and behavior that many have labeled anti-women. With the start of Women's History Month, First Daughter Ivanka Trump decided to ignore the controversy and give her thoughts on social media. "As we celebrate Women's History Month we reflect on women’s incredible contributions to our Nation. We honor women’s legacy of achievements, from pioneering innovations & strengthening our communities to leading in business & politics," Ivanka tweeted, while adding, "Women write America’s proud & thriving history."

Quick shots

Following Ivanka Trump highlighting the beginning of Women's History Month, critics of the White House wasted no time sounding off.

"Notice she did not name one woman. This is because she cannot. Go make champagne popsicles, Ivanka; leave governing to the adults," one tweet read.

"And we also strip away their rights to make choices about their own healthcare and continue to pay them less on the dollar than men for doing often times better work!

What a way to honor them!" a Twitter user wrote. "You do realize the administration that you are in is taking away woman's rights and their freedoms? And being pro birth is not the same as pro life. You want to make a difference you have to start with the person in the mirror first. You are using your position for private gain," an additional tweet noted.

"Who do you mean by 'we?' Apparently you don’t believe your father’s accusers who are women!

Who do you honor? PLEASE tell America the women that made a difference for this country and I’m not talking about your stepmother either!" a social media user wrote. "You don’t honor women you won’t even admit your father is a sexual predator" yet another tweet went on to read.