With the start of the month of March, women's history Month has offical kicked off. Melania Trump decided to say a few words on social media, but quickly faced backlash due to the controversy surrounding her husband.

Melania on Twitter

From the start of Donald Trump's campaign for president, many questions were raised as to his past history in private life.

Fast forward to a month before the 2016 election and the "Access Hollywood" tape was released and revealed Trump's private sexual thoughts about a married woman. Over the next month, a dozen women came forward to accuse the president of various acts of sexual misconduct.

Since then, multiple reports have accused Trump of being unfaithful to his wife Melania Trump, with the highest profile story linking the president to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Doing her best to ignore the scandals and drama, Melania has turned her attention to other issues, including a March 1 tweet about Women's History Month. "March starts Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the ways American women have historically changed & continue to shape our society," Melania tweeted.

"As we also recognize Red Cross Month, we see the result of one woman’s call to action through the humanitarian relief efforts of the Red cross," she concluded. Within minutes, those who oppose the current administration made sure to fire back at the first lady.

Instant backlash

As expected, Melania Trump faced instant criticism, mostly due to her her husband Donald Trump.

"What exactly have you done for women in 15 months? Or what exactly have you done at all? Other than plagiarism," one tweet read.

"What about the woman your husband keeps calling, 'CROOKED'?

Will she be recognized for her contributions this month?" a Twitter user wondered in reference to Hillary Clinton. "Admit it, you can stop this mistake by turning on your abuser. Find the power and stop being a victim, Robert Mueller can be your safety guard. Take Charge!," yet another tweet stated.

"It’s probably hard to bring this up when your own husband has admitted to moving on women like b**ches, kissing them without consent (because he’s a big star) and grabbing them by the pu**y," a follow-up tweet noted. "You could make history by choosing to testify against the most corrupt POTUS in American History. Would be great for your brand. Just imagine the book deals etc," a social media user wrote.