Travelers from across the globe have long recognized the Hilton brand that adorns hotels everywhere, but tech-savvy tourists will soon find that there’s a uniquely 21st-century flair to staying at the Hilton now. The company’s new Digital Key will allow hotel guest to control their rented rooms with their mobile devices, meaning your favorite hotel comforts are literally only a swipe of the finger away.

Hilton is calling the program “Connected Rooms,” the first mobile-centric service centered on allowing you to pick your room preferences from your phone while, say, waiting in an airport or sitting in the backseat of a cab.

In a press release issued by the company, Hilton touted the seamlessness of the service, designed to work with but a few swipes, which will be made available through their existing Hilton HHonors app. The service will extend to thousands of Hilton locations.

"HHonors members can use digital check-in and room selection at more than 4,100 properties globally,” part of the company’s press release noted.

Controlling customers' rooms

The mobile app will be able to control virtually every aspect of a customer’s rooms. Whether you’re trying to dim the lights, turn up the volume on the television, or crank up the air condition, customers won’t have to go much further than their smartphones, Hilton management claimed.

Customers will also be able to stream their own content directly into their hotel rooms with Hilton’s new app, too. Top streaming services in the US are undergoing massive growth currently, according to TechCrunch, and today’s leading hotels are likely to see the potential in marketing to tech-savvy customers.

Digital check-in

Since its introduction, Hilton claims that its digital check-in services have assisted customers more than 5 million times, a figure likely to grow as more hotels adapt to the digital age with free games. As Skift reports, today’s hotels are finding it extraordinarily lucrative to keep an eye on their customer’s digital devices.

This is because more and more consumers today rely on their cellphones and laptops to make purchases and book trips. Before long, it’s likely Hilton will find it’s not alone in offering digital keys that allow you to access your room with your phone.

Extending far beyond the reach of their own rooms, and allowing customers to engage with Hilton facilities like their recreational exercise services and parking facilities, Hilton’s new digital key service could rapidly become the norm for modern Travel. As other companies rush to catch up to Hilton, expect to see more digital devices as you book your holiday travel plans.