With the Alabama Senate election just a day away, Roy Moore and his campaign are doing their best to push back against the controversy that has surrounded them. In an attempt to prove that Moore isn't prejudice against Jewish people, the candidate's wife had a unique strategy.

Moore on Jewish

Over the last month, the drama surrounding the special election in Alabama has dominated the news coverage. It all started when the Washington Post broke a bombshell story last month that exposed Roy Moore and his alleged history of engaging in sexual activity with underage girls.

The paper used 30 sources, with the testimony of four women to back up their claims. As expected, Moore has denied all the allegations, writing it off as nothing more than an attempted smear job at the hands of the "liberal media." Since then, even more women have come forward, with some accusing Moore of sexual assault. The reaction from the Republican Party was initially mixed, but the party has since gone forward to endorse him, with Donald Trump coming up in fill support, and even recording robocalls to help get him elected over Democratic nominee Doug Jones. As reported by NBC News on December 11, Moore's wife decided to speak out against the media by explaining why her and her husband are not bigots.

In addition to the sexual misconduct scandal, Roy Moore has also come under fire for his past remarks about a variety of issues, including where he stands on topics pertaining to African-Americans and Jewish Americans.

Moore's wife, Kayla Moore, addressed a crowd of supporters on Monday night and gave an interesting explanation for why they are not racists and anti-Semitic.

"Fake news would tell you that we don’t care for Jews," Kayla Moore said.

"I just want to set the record straight while they’re here. Well, one of our attorneys is a Jew," Kayla went on to say. "We have very close friends who are Jewish and rabbis," she noted. Kayla also noted that they were not racists because Moore once hired an African-American.

Next up

While the country waits to see the outcome of the Alabama election on Tuesday night, Donald Trump and been working hard in an attempt to help keep a Democrat out of the Senate in the hopes that his future legislation will be able to pass to his desk. Multiple polls have given conflicting information on how the race might go, with some showing Doug Jones leading by as many as 10 points, and other showing Roy Moore with the lead.