On October 25, Amazon launched a new lock and camera Service dubbed the Amazon Key. This service is a new milestone for the company and facilitates security of delivered items to the maximum. Peter Larsen, the vice president of Amazon’s delivery technology, stated that the introduction of the Amazon Key service was not an experiment for the company, but an integral part of the wholesome shopping experience that the firm looks to offer patrons.

How does the service work?

The e-retailer will make available the Amazon Key service from November 8 to customers across 37 cities in the United States.

The service will enable the firm’s delivery agent to unlock a customer's door for a few minutes to facilitate proper delivery of the parcel, inside the customer’s house. For those concerned about safety, the consumer can monitor the entire delivery process using the Cloud Cam. This cam is a new device from the e-retailer and is a part of the Amazon Key service kit. The Cloud Cam will live stream the entire delivery.

The customer will be able to view the stream on their phone, tablet, or PC in the form of video snippets. Both the camera and the lock will be connected to the customer’s home Wi-Fi and use a well-known wireless security protocol called the Zigbee.

When the package is slated to arrive, the customer will receive a notification.

The courier personnel will have to scan the package’s barcode, sending a request to the company's Cloud Cam. When all is in order, the server will permit the camera to allow the delivery guy to enter the home. It is at this point that it starts recording. The courier person is simultaneously notified and with a swipe on their phone, they can unlock the door and drop off the package and lock the door again.

The customer instantly receives a notification of the successful delivery. Along with this, they also get a complete video of the entire delivery process.

Amazon forearmed for possible hurdles?

The locks are provided by well-known brands Yale and Kwikset. The combo can be purchased for $249.99, with free installation. One can also install the camera separately for $120 and if you own a compatible lock, couple the devices together.

Amazon realizes that it won't be easy to persuade customers to allow strangers to unlock their doors and gain access to their homes. Therefore, the company asserts it has conducted a thorough background check of all the delivery personnel who would be using this facility. Apart from that, the firm has also added the option of blocking a delivery person’s entry if the owner finds something dodgy.