China no doubt is the superpower of the world. The country's population is three times that of the United States of America, and now in this modern age, its dominance continues to grow even further, especially with the additional power recently bestowed on its president.

China's Xi Jinping hoisted to new status

China's ruling Communist Party declared a reworked contract that cements President Xi Jinping's position under its constitution, hoisting him to a status that no other Chinese presidents held.

The ruling party, according to China's constitution, could change the country's law once every five years.

A considerable amount of Xi's policies over the past five years were taken into consideration by Beijing's Congress. The policy changes include his health care reforms as well as the Belt-and-Road Initiative that he championed. The president's defense policy depicts changes to the military as well. Xi's call to "let the market assume a conclusive part" in the economy, a proverb the ruling party endorsed in 2013, is also a part of the change.

Xi replaces tradition with modern culture

The policy changes have strengthened Xi's influence and power, laying the foundation for him to impact strategies and plans for the nation. In China's history, only ex-President Mao was able to put his stamp on the party's overall philosophy in such a manner.

According to political analyst Yanmei Xie, the new additional power unmistakably lifts Xi's status in the party. This now shows that the party has moved from the status quo and is enacting changes that will further progress the country's economy. On Tuesday, China's congress selected a Central Committee, including more youngsters, who could expand Xi's impact on the Chinese empire.

Steve Tsang, a Chinese political expert, suggests that President Xi's influence is so significant that splitting from the old tradition was seen as a welcome change for the entire population.

Will changes impact the United States?

Now, with a tighter grip on the party, Xi Jinping has the ultimate power to make drastic changes that involve China.

Jinping's dominance could be a serious concern for the United States since the country already faces severe competition from China in almost every sector.

The American economy is heavily reliant on the rising superpower. Undoubtedly, U.S. President Donald Trump and Capitol Hill may very well have to adjust accordingly.