Just recently, the American bomber planes flew near North Korea and close to the shores of china as a display of the power of the US Air Force, Los Angeles Times reported. This followed Trump and Kim’s threats of total destruction to each other, which only escalated the crisis on the Korean peninsula. The situation could not be any worse than from China’s view.

China’s real stance on the North Korean crisis

China’s take on the irreversible tension between Trump and Kim is not what it seems to be. Publicly, the foreign ministry of China called on the US and North Korea to enter into diplomatic solutions over their conflict and further urged their ill-tempered leaders to stop adding fuel to the fire.

However, experts believed that China is getting frustrated with Kim Jong-un’s regime and with the intensifying tension between the United States and North Korea, The Washington Post reported.

Furthermore, experts believed that China, being the major trading partner of Kim’s regime, play a crucial role to resolving the crisis. Nevertheless, China’s influence over North Korea has grown weaker after China’s move against its communist ally.

Moreover, the Chinese government approved the tougher UN sanctions and imposed these sanctions against North Korea with unparalleled determination, Gulf Times reported.

Is China trying to alienate its neighbor and long-time ally?

Euan Graham, the International Security Program director at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, said North Korea figured out that China is apparently in a political bind.

The crisis clearly revealed China’s limited influence on its North Korean ally.

Nevertheless, the Chinese government showed no intention of bringing down Kim Jong-un’s regime. Also, China did not signify that it would potentially bring refugees who are streaming across the country’s border, uniting the Korean Peninsula under an American-friendly government.

Moreover, some experts blamed China for profoundly helping out Kim’s regime in the past. They alleged that China enabled North Korea to develop its nuclear weapons eventually. Now the Chinese government is paying the price, The Washington Post reported.

On Saturday, the state-run news agency (KCNA) released an official list of diplomatic missions, which held celebrations this month in order to mark the founding of North Korea. The list included 17 countries, and China is not among them.