Rolling Loud is a festival that hosts several prominent hip-hop artists. This year, Rolling Loud was located in the Bay Area in California. During the event, several concertgoers reported on social media that Bay Area artist, Lil B the Based God, was jumped by a gang of people. Lil B responded to the allegations claiming that New York artist A Boogie with the Hoodie's gang assaulted him backstage.

Details emerge about the incident

As more details emerged, it was later discovered that artist PNB Rock collaborated with A Boogie in the assault. There was plenty of speculation as to why these two artists would have such animosity for Lil B, a rapper who speaks a lot about positivity and stays in his own lane.

According to High Snobiety, A Boogie and PNB Rock have problems with Lil B because of Lil B's critique of their music.

Lil B criticized their music, saying that A Boogie and PNB Rock sound like artist Dej Loaf. The point of Lil B's critique was to try to get rappers to get their own sound instead of sounding like previous artists.

Apparently, A Boogie and PNB Rock did not appreciate the comments and, decided to resolve the incident with violence. Below is a closeup video of the incident recorded by a fan at Rolling Loud.

Reactions to the incident

The internet's reaction to Lil B getting jumping was overwhelmingly negative. Lil B is known for his influence in hip-hop and positive nature. He is one of the few rappers that constantly goes against hip-hop's violent aspects.

People wondered why didn't anyone try to break up the fight. In addition, A Boogie and PNB Rock became social pariahs on Twitter. Many people uploaded videos of themselves deleting A Boogie and PNB Rock songs from their phones.

Several hip-hop artists who performed at Rolling Loud reacted to the news. On stage, Travis Scott and Schoolboy Q asked fans to keep Lil B safe at all costs.

Several hip-hop personalities like DJ Akademiks and Adam22 expressed severe disappointment that the alleged attack even occurred. The venue's security was questioned and there was speculation about the incident being an inside job.

Lil B responded to the negativity with kindness. On stage, he explained what happened but, instead of condemning A Boogie and PNB Rock, Lil B forgave them. He explained that violence was not the solution and he lives a life of positivity. Even though he was assaulted and his equipment was stolen, causing him to cancel his set last minute, Lil B refused to promote violence and said he loves them. He's even connected with A Boogie and they've since reconciled.

Following the Lil B incident, Rolling Loud canceled PNB Rock's performance and replaced him with Bay Area rapper Kreayshawn.

She expressed gratitude for the opportunity and, used her platform to introduce two other female artists since Rolling Loud's performers are 98 percent male. The entire incident displayed Lil B's lifestyle of peace and positivity. Furthermore, A Boogie and PNB Rock's reputations have been severely damaged from the event. If everyone followed in Lil B's footsteps, terrible incidents like this would not occur.