After excerpts of Hillary Clinton's new book were released to public highlighting her thoughts about Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway did her best to use the remarks as a way to hit back at the Democrats. Despite this, Conway didn't get the best reception on social media.

Conway on Clinton

Heading into the 2016 presidential election, the consensus was that not only was Hillary Clinton going to steamroll through the Democratic primary election, but that she would also be the odds on favorite to become the new President of the United States.

Despite this, the former senator from New York was faced with a tough challenge in Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. The self-described Democratic socialist, Sanders was able to garner a large following, mostly with younger Americans who were engaged in the political process for the first time. However, Clinton was able to walk out the winner, though questions still remain about what happened during the primary that might have caused the scale to tip in the direction of the former Secretary of State. In the months that followed, Clinton would face backlash from strong supporters of Sanders, which many believe helped lead to her upset defeat at the hands of Donald Trump just months later.

As reported by Mediaite on September 5, Clinton made some interesting comments towards Sanders in her new book, which Kellyanne Conway was quick to comment on.

In her new book titled "What Happened," set to be released next week, Hillary Clinton addresses the entire 2016 election cycle, including the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders.

In the book, Clinton gives her thoughts about Sanders, where she claims his attacks during the primary caused "lasting damage" which "pav(ed) the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign." "I am proud to be a Democrat and wish Bernie were, too,' Clinton wrote, saying Sanders was "fundamentally wrong" about the Democratic Party.

In response, Kellyanne Conway used the opportunity to smear the Democrats. "So, Hillary blames Bernie 4 Trump's 'Crooked Hillary', blames Obama 4 'lay off Bernie', blames Bernie Bros 4 sexism," Conway tweeted out.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Kellyanne Conway posted her cheap-shot on Twitter towards Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, critics of the president lashed out on social media. "Hmmmm.... you haven't yet realized that the public is laughing at you? Sad," one Twitter user wrote.

"Kellyanne & trump blame everyone but the current administration for everything.

#Sad," one tweet read. "Hey @KellyannePolls this is so irrelevant to what is happening in the world #daca #northkorea #debtceiling," an additional tweet noted. "And your obsession with Hillary continues! Unbelievable. Start governing and worry about your own stuff," another social media user added.

"Ancient history! Your guy is the President. Focus on the present and the future!!" another commented noted. As the negative responses continued to pour in, it showed that the aftermath of the 2016 election was far from being forgotten.