After their initial trip to Texas following Hurricane Harvey received massive backlash from the press, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made their way back to the Lone Star State late last week. Despite the president taking part in helping some of those who were impacted by the storm, a pair of hosts on MSNBC and their panel guests weren't impressed.

Morning Joe on Trump

It's been just over a week since Texas was rocked by Hurricane Harvey in what many experts are calling the worst storm to hit the state in close to 500 years. With winds that reached up to 130 mph, the Category 5 storm touched down in Texas and hit the city of Houston worst of all.

Dozens of people have been reported dead, with thousands being forced to flee their homes in the aftermath of the devastation. As expected, Donald Trump was quick to speak out, live-tweeting updates as the hurricane made its way to the area. Trump would then head to Texas early last week with Melania Trump by his side, but the couple received criticism for how they handled their trip, which included staying outside of Houston. After the president returned to Texas prior to the weekend, this time in the city of Houston, the hosts of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC decided to hit back during the September 5 broadcast.

During Tuesday's episode of "Morning Joe," co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski highlighted Donald Trump's efforts in helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey, but didn't think the president was too genuine in his actions.

Scarborough and the panel went on to mock Trump for how he helped the victims, pointing out that he was asked to put cement in the back of pick up truck.

The panel then had a good laugh abut how Donald Trump was given a bucket to place in the back of the truck, but instead handed it to the driver.

"I bet they aren't breaking this down on 'Fox & Friends,'" Joe Scarborough said, in a direct shot at Fox News over their non-stop support of the commander in chief.

Next up

With Hurricane Harvey now in the rear view mirror, Donald Trump has set his sights on eliminating Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which was put in place by Barack Obama and allowed children brought to the United States illegally to be able to obtain a work visa, stay in school, or serve in the military. Trump's decision has resulted in opposition from critics, as the rift between the political left and right continues with the president sitting on an approval rating of just 35 percent.