During a rally in Arizona on Tuesday night, President Trump made a threat that he would close the government just to fulfill his campaign promise of building a mexico wall. After he made this statement, those who were present in the rally expressed their support to the president, while Trump’s detractors publicly criticized him saying that he is no longer fit to remain in office.

The speech and the wall that divided the US

President Trump’s controversial speech created division among the American people, BBC reported. In his speech, he blamed the media, CNN among others, for providing the far right groups ‘a platform’.

However, President Trump was rather selective in quoting his initial response to the violence in Charlottesville which left one woman dead. The much-criticized remark—“many sides had to shoulder the blame for the violence”— was deliberately omitted.

Congress stalls Trump's efforts for Mexico Wall

Legislators question the necessity of fulfilling the US President’s promise during the campaign. That is why Trump’s proposal for building the Mexico wall is stuck in Congress.

A spending bill with funding for the costly ‘Mexico wall’ project has already been passed by the House. But the Senate may question the bill and may disapprove it.

But the president is hell-bent in his efforts of realizing the Mexico wall.

He said that he would do whatever it takes just to secure the funds for the wall.

President Trump made a blowing message to his critics and the "obstructionist" Democrats. During the rally in Arizona, the US president said that "If we have to close down our government, we're building that wall.” Trump asserted that the Mexico wall should be built since it will facilitate the immigration control, which was voted by the American people.

He assured his followers that they are going to get that wall at all costs.

Trump made grave accusations against the Democrats. He thinks that they are responsible for jeopardizing American security since they show no support to his proposal.

The Mexico wall project needs $1.6 billion to start its construction. Congress is now under pressure to pass some kind of ‘spending bill’ in order to keep the government open after the 30th of September.

But many lawmakers believe the funding would only add up to the existing budget deficit CNBC reported.

Trump needs to secure the funding for the wall; otherwise, this would mean another drawback for a US president whose words are always tainted with controversy.