North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s regime was reported to have been producing the "devil's venom". The rogue nation has finally produced its own supply of a rocket fuel to power its nuclear missile program, Independent reported.

According to James Mattis, US Secretary of Defense, the American nation could never embrace a nuclear-armed nation like North Korea. Any nuclear attack by Kim Jong-un’s regime would be gravely met with a massive military response, Aljazeera reported.

On Saturday, the defense secretary of the United States made this remark at a joint press conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Mattis had a dialogue with Song Young-moo, his South Korean counterpart, following his visit to the demilitarized zone. The zone divided the Korean peninsula since the 1950-53 war.

The stark warnings of Mattis

The defense secretary asserted that any attack on the American nation or its allies would be defeated inevitably. He further said the combined efforts of the allied nations aimed at stopping the potential nuclear attack by North Korea. Mattis explained that the different military options would practically downgrade the North’s nuclear threat. “We do have those options," Mattis concluded.

Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of North Korea, accused South Korea and the United States of "crazily beating the drum of confrontation".

The newspaper added that the nuclear technology of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea could never be stopped by any external force. On Friday, KCNA fiercely warned Japan, South Korea, and the United States against their "militarist ambition".

On the brink of war

The North Korean crisis intensified in the past months following the regime’s successive ICBM tests and H-bomb detonation over the Pacific.

The American government feared that the nuclear capabilities of the rogue nation would soon reach the point in which it could finally fire a nuclear-tipped ICBM and hit the United States mainland.

On the other hand, President Trump sternly warned the North’s dictator that the United States would "totally destroy" his communist regime if it attacked the American nation or any of its allies in the Asia-Pacific region.

For its part, Kim Jong-un’s regime fiercely condemned the recurring US-South Korean military exercises off the Korean peninsula. The North saw these military exercises as a prelude to a military strike aimed at decapitating Kim Jong-un and his communist country.

Aljazeera reports that in spite of the strong language of the US defense secretary, the Pentagon chief emphasized that diplomatic solutions were the preferred means forward.