Amidst the intensifying North Korean crisis, Mike Pence, the US vice president, made a stark warning to Kim Jong-un’s regime not to underrate the military capabilities of the United States, Politico reported. On Friday, during his visit to an Air Force base that is vital to the US nuclear capabilities, Pence addressed the men and women in uniform and boosted their morale by emphasizing the capabilities of the US Armed Forces. The Minot Air Force Base at North Dakota is home to 150 ICBM sites and 26 B-52 bombers.

Why North Korea should heed Mike Pence

Mike Pence explained that the United States always prefers peace, but if America or any of its allies are threatened, it would employ effective and overwhelming military power. In addition, Pence described the Minot Air Force Base as reliable deterrent which has guaranteed the security of the American nation for long years. He told the American troops that the United States has depended on them more than ever to be ready against a potential attack by North Korea. The stark remarks of Mike Pence came prior to the Asian trip of President Donald Trump, Daily Star reported.

The nuclear threat by Kim Jong-un’s communist regime has become a significant foreign policy concern of President Donald Trump’s administration.

In September, the rogue nation conducted its sixth nuclear bomb test, which was dubbed as North Korea’s most powerful H-bomb test to date. Also, the fiery rhetoric between Trump and Kim worsened the escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula.

A crucial demarche

The trump administration became successful in pushing for a new round of stricter sanctions on North Korea, crippling its economy.

On top of that, the White House top officials, including Mike Pence, traveled to the region to show solidarity and support to US allies. On Saturday, Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, would join US Defense Sectary James Mattis for consultations with South Korean counterparts.

Furthermore, the US vice president delivered his remarks following his participation in a joint mission briefing with Heather Wilson, Secretary of the Air Force.

Military leaders also attended the combined mission briefing, which tackled the aspects of military preparedness, more particularly nuclear preparedness, Politico reported.

According to an official familiar with the briefings, the visit of Mike Pence to Minot Air Force Base came on the heels of a number of extremely classified briefings the US vice president had participated in the last two months with the National Reconnaissance Office and the DNI, the National Security Agency, and National Geospatial Intelligence, Politico reported.