On Monday night, heavy rain caused a huge flooding in the Kansas City, which drenched the roads, flooded rivers and killed a 56-year-old man, ABC News reported. There were three rounds of heavy rain storms in Kansas City, Missouri.

In one night, 9 inches (22 centimeters) of rain fell in the Kansas City. Car roofs were hardly visible above the water line, many roads were washed out. This is the third time for the past two weeks when Kansas City collides with significant floods. In some places, the water level reached half a meter. Kansas City Fire Chief Paul Berardi urged the people in the region not to drive.

Victims of the water

A man who tried to drive through the rushing deep water was found dead. Robert Dean Schoenhals's car was found 150 yards (135 meters) from the road, and his body was found in 2.5 hours after the incident happened, it was about 75 yards (70 meters) from the car.

One woman was rescued from a car, another one was brought to safety from a tree, and four children managed to climb the roof. "They are safe and calm," stated Jason Rhodes, OFD spokesperson.

The police also succeeded in many rescues of stranded motorists from the rushing water. In the Dodson Industrial District, the rescue team found a boat with workers stuck in the water and brought them to safety. About 40 workers trapped in Swope Park Industrial area were also evacuated.

Measures to prevent the consequences of the disaster

In the northeast of the city, the police and firefighters were contacted 270 times because of the storms, as CBS News reported. There are no other details about any serious issues. The National Weather Service stated this flood rose 3 feet (1 meter) which was the highest record as compared to past seven years record.

About 20 people came to an emergency shelter in Swope Park (built by the American Red Cross) in order to have a place for rest and food.

The schools in the region will remain closed because of the problems after flooding. Many people were trapped in their homes, parking lots were filled with water, and 6,000 people lost power in the whole region.

Since Tuesday morning, many roads in the metro have been closed because of the water. They can be opened as soon as water levels change. The Kansas City Police Department made a list closed roads because of flooding. Some of the interstate highways have been blocked in both directions due to the flooding. The local authorities announced that all the bridges that had got water overages will be closed until they have been checked.