A Republican leadership thinks that President Donald Trump’s ability to lead the country is slowly deteriorating by the moment. This is contrary to what the Republican Party had previously believed, which was that Trump would be guided by Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus in the White House. But they were wrong and it appears that everything he touches is a disaster.

Both conservative and Republicans as well as top military officials are losing confidence in President Trump’s leadership. They believe that he is no longer fit to be US president.

Why the White House are careful on criticizing Trump

President Donald Trump has now been labeled as ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’. This brand of Trump suggests that while they may secretly criticize the president within the walls of the White House, they have to watch every word they say in public.

Many from the Trump camp are entangled in a political whipsaw. When expressing their views against the president, they do so with alternate praise and criticism. What their actions seem to suggest is the fact that it is really hard to deal with a leader who constantly alter his administration’s position whimsically.

This act of kiss and kick, praise and criticize maneuver, was employed by some Senators who would rather subtly deal with the president.

Among them is Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Senator, who urged the president to condemn white supremacy following Trump’s halfhearted response on Saturday. She then went on lauding the president’s scripted remarks by tweeting: "Well done Mr President".

Kiss and Kick

The date on the ThinkProgress, the liberal website, reveals that only 14 other Republicans in Congress showed similar straightforward condemnations towards Mr Trump’s actions.

The rest of the 292 members of Congress prefer a different tactic.

Republicans who express any kind of statement may risk being pressed by the media for their stand. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, when asked by a journalist regarding what President Trump has to say on the violence in Charlottesville said: “You tell me.” He told the press he would want to move on from the issue.

Senator Johnson’s sentiment is likely shared by most Republicans. However, owing to Mr Trump’s bellicose press conference on Tuesday, the table is now turned. And the expression ‘moving on’ may appear unlikely, at least for the time being.

Regardless of the criticisms from both his detractors and allies in Congress, President Trump remains a survivor. Trump undoubtedly overcame his political rivals as well as bested his naysayers and critics. However, Republicans’ day for reckoning may come so soon than expected.