According to CNN, the head of the Pacific Command of the US Navy (Scott Swift) said on Tuesday that in the flooded compartments of the American destroyer John S. McCain, the remains of crew members were found. The American destroyer collided with oil tanker Alnic MC in the Malacca Strait on August 21. As a result, ten American sailors disappeared and five were injured. The injured were taken to a Singapore hospital. After the accident, the destroyer arrived at a Singapore base -- Changi.

Rescue and search operations are still underway

According to Swift, Search And Rescue operations will continue until the missing sailors are found.

Swift also said that he visited the injured crew members and that they are in stable condition, CNN reported. The Navy said that divers will check the damaged area of the Uss John Mccain.

Swift also said that "until we have exhausted any potential of recovering survivors or bodies, the search and rescue efforts will continue." He added that the navy will reset navigation systems, mechanical systems, and bridge resource management, and it will require experts' assessment.

The US Navy reported that the destroyer was seriously damaged: some cabins, a computer room, and communication lines were flooded. The Pentagon ordered the US Navy to temporarily stop the operations around the world and review the safety measures.

It marks the fourth collision of the US Navy ships in Asian waters in this year. In June, The USS Fitzgerald collided with the oil tanker off the coast of Japan in an incident in which seven sailors were killed .

How did the collision happen?

Admiral John Richardson, chief of naval operations, said in a statement that “this is the second collision in three months and is the latest in a series of incidents in the Pacific theater.” He also said that all the fleet commanders would ensure the safety of the US ships around the world with their leaders, according to the Guardian.

He tweeted that there was no information that the collision occurred deliberately or cyber intrusion.

According to CNN, the US warship collided with the oil tanker while approaching the Strait of Malacca due to a steering failure. The crew did not use the backup steering systems to control the ship, but one of the US Navy officials said that the American destroyer lost the steering control right before the hit. Defense analysts and Lawmakers said that the collisions occurred due to less time and money for maintenance and training.