From a podium in Poland, President Donald Trump slammed Barack Obama who Trump claims became informed back in August that the Russians were meddling in the elections in the U.S. and he did nothing about it. Trump's manner of delivery was calm, cool and collected when telling the crowd that Obama was under the impression the winner of the election was going to be Hillary, so he let that information ride.

Governor Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox & Friends during their Thursday morning show and he believed Trump has a right to make that complaint. Instead of Obama informing the American public and informing the individual states so they could keep an eye out during the elections, he sat on the news and did nothing.

Breath of fresh air

Donald Trump has a different presentation when delivering news to the public than previous presidents; he doesn't hide his personal feelings on the subject at hand. He erupts with emotion and he is not a man to stifle information no matter how delicate the American people might find this news. Many voters saw Trump as a breath of fresh air because of this.

When Trump reported that Obama sat on the news over election meddling by Russia, he was in a serious mode telling the audience that Obama held this information back for the reason that he thought Hillary was going to win, reports the Washington Times. If Obama "thought I was going to win, he would have done plenty about it," said Trump.

The president went on to say that the excuse given by Obama's camp was that the former president "choked." Trump contradicts that excuse by saying “His people said he choked. I don’t think he choked.”

Sits on reports

Reports indicate that Obama was informed about Russia attempting to infiltrate the American elections back in August.

After being informed back then, Obama sat on this intel and he didn't do anything until after the November 8, election when Trump emerged the winner of the presidential race.

Trump has been bombarded with questions regarding Russia interfering with the elections. He has said in the past that he believes there could have been some attempt by the Russian government, but it could have been anybody.

He also said that it could have been a combination of other countries as well. As Trump conveyed, it is not known for sure what happened.

The seed is planted

Whether the government of Russia attempted to maneuver the presidential elections or not, when Obama was given the Intel back in August, the information should have been shared. Through Obama waiting to share this information until after Trump was voted in, it did nothing but plant a seed.

The timing of Obama's reveal gave the Democrats and the left-leaning news media their starting platform in their attempt to "delegitimize the election results." With that said, there has still been no evidence that anything Russia may have done had any effect on the outcome of the election.