A young boy and his mother have to endure a united airlines three hours flight occupying one Seat because his paid seat was sold to a standby passenger. Shirley Yamauchi has to let her son sit and sleep uncomfortably on her lap because of an error committed by the Airline Company.

Yamauchi revealed that the passenger called out an attendant informing that Taizo is on his seat. Her son’s seat was then given to the passenger as reported by the Inquisitr. She complained to an attendant that she has booked and paid for two seats on the said flight. But she was directed to a customer service line.

She was then informed that they have to cancel the rest of their flights if they give the refund.

Mother and son endured the United Airlines flight

So Yamauchi endured the flight from Houston to Boston risking her son who stood between her knees for the rest of the flight. The boy never had a seat belt to keep him safe during take-off and landing. The staff reportedly ignored their situation despite the fact that it is dangerous and prohibited. They ignored the situation because the flight was full.

According to Fox News, the mother feared to demand attention to remedy their situation for fear that past incidents of passenger maltreatment might happen to her. She said that she recalled all the news of in-flight violence particularly the April incident when a man refused to vacate his seat.

She further said that because she is Asian, she felt uncomfortable and did not want to be the next maltreated passenger in the news. Yamauchi informed that she paid $969 for the boy’s seat while the standby passenger paid only $75. She said that what happened to her son Taizo was unfair, unsafe, and uncomfortable.

Asian passenger victim of United Airlines maltreatment

United Airlines released a statement explaining the incident where the boy’s boarding pass was inaccurately scanned and the boy’s seat appeared not taken so they released the seat to another customer. The fact that the boy was seated on his assigned seat but was vacated to be given to the standby passenger was gross.

The crew’s indifference to the plight of the mother and her son is a grave misconduct on the part of the airline employees.

The airline company apologized to Yamauchi, offered to refund the ticket cost, and also gave compensation as a sign of goodwill. However, she vowed never to take another United Airlines flight again. She said that flying with the airline company is worrisome. Despite headlining news for misconduct several times, the practice still continues.