Buzz Aldrin's bizarre facial expressions did not go unnoticed by the social media world as he made some strange faces as President Donald Trump delivered a speech this week. Aldrin, a former NASA astronaut, grimaced, squinted, rolled his head and demonstrated just about every movement of a man who looked confused over what he was hearing, which was pointed out by folks from across the social media sites.

Buzz's facial expression stole the show

What Trump was saying in his speech was pretty straight forward. He talked about the different rewards the nation receives from space exploration, with one being safety.

While Trump didn't spell out just what his idea of safety from space meant, most assumed it was through surveillance of our country from space, which is a view that will come in handy for spotting missiles, bad weather and other events that may threaten the country in the future.

Hysterical puzzled looks on Aldrin

The video below focuses on Aldrin during Trump's speech and you have to admit it is odd. Some are calling this a puzzled look on Aldrin's face and others are saying the former astronaut looks perplexed. Many have just come out and said Buzz Aldrin looks downright confused over what he is hearing in Trump's speech. You can see that video below.

Buzz Aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon was in Washington D.C.

to attend this event where Trump reestablished the National Space Council, according to the Inquisitr.

New life after 24 years

This program was disbanded 24 years ago and Trump's signature has brought it back to life. Who better than to witness the space council getting a second life than one of the most famous space explorers on the planet, Buzz Aldrin.

Leading the world in space exploration?

Trump called space exploration an essential part of our economy and security. He also wants to see this nation "leading again like we never led before."

The president deemed the U.S.

a nation of "pioneers," and he also called it the "next great American frontier." Was it a bit too Star Trekkie when it came to the words that Trump used?

Trump stressed the nation's safety a few times when it came to space exploration, saying "security is gonna be a very big factor with respect to space exploration." That's pretty straight forward, but it was around this time that Buzz Aldrin looked really confused.

Social media had a field day with Aldrin's expressions when using them against Donald Trump.