Donald Trump tackled CNN in a wrestling video recreated for this purpose and it has gone viral today. Trump is not only refusing to calm it down on Twitter, he is now going after fake news in a full-steam-ahead mode on Sunday morning.

His latest tweet about fake news contains a real video clip of himself getting into the WWE Wrestling mode some years ago. He is dressed as the real estate mogul in his suit and tie as he takes on Vince McMahon, the WWE head honcho by slamming him to the ground. For the sake of the video, McMahon's head is a CNN logo, according to NBC News.

A president with a sense of humor

Trump cut and then pasted the CNN logo on Vince McMahon's face to represent him taking down CNN ringside. So what is this WWE -- Trump clip all about? He is using it as his own promo to slam CNN and give it a new name and new logo. You can see the video below in the tweet.

According to Trump CNN is now "FNN" for Fraud News Network. Trump has referred to CNN as fake news for a very long time now, so as you watch the video you will see where the new logo and name change comes in for CNN.

During this WWE clip, the CNN logo bounces around on the screen to cover the face of McMahon, who is also in a suit when Trump slams him to the ground.

CNN head

You see a picture of the ring and then there's an unidentified man standing next to the ring that Trump sashays over to and tackles to the ground. When Trump is done, he gets up and sashays in a slow methodical walk away from the ring.

For sure it was scripted at the time and chances are that Trump used this clip because it shows him taking things into his own hands and slamming the guy into the ground. In this case, it is CNN getting slammed.

The video was taken in 2007 at Wrestlemania 23. It was wrestling match that was titled the "Battle of the Billionaires" that Trump and McMahon took part in.

While they didn't get into the ring to swat and tumble with one another, Trump and McMahon "each picked a wrestler and the man whose wrestler lost would have to have his head shaved," according to the Washington Examiner.

Trump wins

Trump's wrestler, Bobby Lashley, won the match so Trump got into the middle of the ring and helped shave McMahon's head. For the drama of the WWE, Trump clotheslines McMahon outside of the ring and that is the clip that Trump opted to use, deeming McMahon as CNN for his purpose of slamming fake news. You can see the entire original video below.

CNN has been a real bone of contention for Trump with their alleged fake news reporting, so he has now changed the name he will call CNN. He posted, #FraudNewsCNN #FNN" on the tweet.