The engine of the SkyWest jet caught fire shortly after making a landing at Denver International Airport on Sunday afternoon. Amid the engine trouble, passengers of the said plane who flew from Aspen to Denver were all safe, and there are no reports of injuries.

The flight which arrived from Aspen at 2:30 p.m. experienced a sudden engine issue. According to a report from The Denver Channel, Maria Snow, the spokesperson of SkyWest, is yet to confirm the cause of the engine fire. Further, more photos were also shared by users on the social media, and it featured clearly what was happening on the airport ground.

Airport officials confirmed passengers were safe

The Denver International Airport has further confirmed that 59 passengers were on board during the flight. Further, it was also believed that all passengers were safe and that no one was injured. On a good note, no other operations at the airport were affected by the incident.

The airport runways are now open, and the airport operations have continued. For the meantime, the investigations for the engine fire will continue in order to find out the cause of the engine trouble. The airport management also issued a statement via Twitter that Denver Fire Department also made an immediate response in order to put off the fire.

Passengers’ evacuation

Shortly after the fire incident, all passengers were evacuated from United Express Jet at Denver International Airport during the afternoon. All passengers were taken off from the airport through a bus. Heath Montgomery, the airport spokesperson, also stated that it is their duty to assist the airlines in getting the passengers back and ensuring their safety.

One of the videos posted on Twitter clearly showed the foam that was used in order to knock out the fire. Another passenger also documented the incident and took to Twitter while posting, "Quick and immediate response on runway. Huge thanks to the pilot and crew for helping get passengers off safe." Meanwhile, other photos and videos were also posted online which showed the scary incident at the airport runway.

Despite the unexpected engine problem, the United Express jet was happy upon learning that all passengers were safe. Meanwhile, the plane was taken to a DIA hanger in order to conduct detailed investigation. Further, the airport officials also added that NTSB has already been clarified regarding the incident.