Passengers on an AirAsia Flight Sunday morning were not in church. That did not keep the seasoned pilot with 44 years of flight experience from telling them to pray. He said their survival depended on their cooperation. He added a vote of confidence by saying that hopefully everything would turn out fine.

This is seldom heard of no matter how much trouble an airplane seems to be in. Those reporting the incident said it is never a good sign when the pilot tells the passengers to pray. In fact, one passenger stated that the pilot made the request twice.

It is unknown whether the 359 people on board prayed or not, but the outcome was a very good one.

AirAsia flight

The Airasia flight was headed to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after being in the air for 75 minutes of the six-hour flight from Perth, Australia when it experienced severe Engine Trouble. The plane began to shake with a rattling sound after passengers heard a loud bang. They described the whole experience as a wild ride and said that they felt like they were inside a washing machine. There were vibrations for nearly two hours in the cabin. Everything was shaking, including the seats, serving trays, and the people.

The airplane turned around and headed back after the Australian Transport Safety Bureau described the trouble as an "in-flight" engine fault.

Passengers were told to brace themselves for impact, but the plane and the passengers arrived unharmed. They were afraid and quite shaken, both literally and figuratively.

According to CBS News, one passenger posted a video on Instagram from inside the aircraft showing the violent shaking. That particular passenger said he thought he was doing to die.

Passengers were given assistance in order to allow them to take a flight out later that day to Malaysia on a different plane but with the same pilot. The original plane had to be grounded. So far, it is unclear why the engine caused the plane to shake and rattle, but an investigation is being conducted to determine the cause and to take measures to correct the problem so something like this won't happen again, according to Fox News.

Engine trouble on other planes

AirAsia is the third airline that has had an engine problems recently. There have been two other unrelated incidents since May. A China Eastern Airlines plane was on its way to Shanghai when it had to return to Sydney because of a hole in the engine casing. Something similar happened with an EgyptAir flight last month.