Gov. Chris Christie of the Republican Party savored a laid back morning by the sea on Sunday. Apparently, the GOP member and his family are exempted from his decision to shut down New Jersey's public beaches after the lawmakers failed to pass a new budget. According to CNN, the governor imposed a visitation ban due to a budget standoff on Friday night.

"I didn't get any sun today"

But in the wake of the state shutdown, Gov. Christie and his family enjoyed a public beach all for themselves before he attended a press conference, where he denied that he got any sun on that day.

His statement came before his photos at the closed Island Beach State Park were released. The GOP member was later defended by his spokesperson, Brian Murray, who admitted that his boss "briefly" stayed at the public resort with his wife and family before he left for Trenton. “He had a baseball hat on,” Murray argued.

Gov. Christie has previously said that he plans to spend Independence Day at his summer house in the said beach resort with his family. "I don't know if it's fair, but my family doesn't ask for any services while we are there," he told the press. "That's just the way it goes. Run for governor and you can have a residence."

Internet slams NJ governor for the exemption

The GOP member became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter after his photos at the New Jersey beach were released to the public.

Several users slammed the leader for making an exception on his visitation ban, while others ridiculed the governor for lying about his weekend vacation.

"Chris Christie embodies entire GOP -- closes beach for everyone but himself, make healthcare unaffordable for millions just for a quick buck," a commenter wrote. Another one said, "Chris Christie has no decency or decorum.

I will never understand why he wasn't "run out of office" a long time ago. This man has no soul."

According to CNN, the state shutdown has closed all state parks, recreational areas, historic sites, government-owned beaches, and Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

In fact, all campers were requested to leave the parks after the decision was made on Friday night.

Gov. Christie said this move aims to secure the protection, safety, and well-being of his constituents while New Jersey is under the state of emergency due to a conflict within the Legislature. The leader has assured that he will gather both houses in hopes to put an end to the budget standoff on Monday.