One of the best Hollywood directors, the progenitor of the cannibalistic half-dead Zombies, widely appreciated writer and editor, Robert A Romero passed away on Sunday during his sleep. According to his manager Chris Roe, he succumbed to death after a ‘brief but aggressive battle’ against lung cancer.

He had his wife, Suzanne Romero, and daughter, Tina Romero by his side when this mishap happened. Peter Grunwald, his longtime producing partner has told the Los Angeles Times that he died while listening to the score of one of his favorite movie, The Quiet Man.

Quite a peaceful death!

He is widely known for his zombie movie series "Living Dead" and related merchandise. When the movie was first released in 1968, the movie was said to be gory but the movie was loved and accepted by all, making it an extraordinary classic, also leading towards directing its sequels.

The movie was an inspiration for many directors and his concept has been used in various movies since then. Earlier zombies were demonstrated as humans who were being controlled by voodoo dolls but now after his improvisation, almost all of the zombie movies and games are based on his theory.

More about Robert A. Romero and his movies

Mainly known for his horror movies, the star had set a new trend in Hollywood and was widely appreciated for his innovative thoughts.

Robert A Romero was appreciated for his gruesome and satirical sense of mind.

Along with John A. Russo, he had written the "Night of the Living Dead" which outshined at the box office, earning around $30 million. His best movie in the series is the "Dawn of the Dead" which was released in 1978. It was one of the top movies of the year, earning more than $40 million.

Some of his most famous movies include Night of the Living Dead and its series, The Crazies, Martin (Vampire), Creepshow (based on the novel by Stephen King), There’s Always Vanilla (romantic comedy). He had stepped into directing movies of almost every genre and perhaps that is why he is an inspiration to many.

What others said

Social Media is abuzz with messages from people around the world, mourning his death. The director and producer, Eli Roth, wrote that he was a great source of inspiration and it is hard to quantify how much he contributed to modern cinema. He added that few take the risks he took and he was much ahead of his time.

Director Edgar Wright wrote that he couldn’t write his feelings in one tweet so he proceeded to write a blog about him, emphasizing Robert’s worth in cinema and how much of an inspiration he was.

Stephen King tweeted that he was saddened to hear that his ‘favorite collaborator and good old friend’ is no further adding that there will never be another like him.