The DEA is trying to figure how marijuana valued at $1 million ended up in the trunk of new Ford Fusion Cars at an Ohio-based dealership. Per DEA’s Silverio Balzano, the vehicles were made in the company’s Mexican plant and arrived at in Lordstown via rail. The brand new Ford Fusion cars were made at the plant located in Hermosillo, Sonora.

Police investigates marijuana in Ford Fusion cars

The investigators are now trying to uncover where near the supply line the drug was packed in the cars. They are also investigating the source to whom the drugs were intended to be sent and who was unable to recover it.

The drug was found packed half-moon shapes and was hidden inside the cars’ wheel wells.

Balzano was quoted saying to CNN that “something went wrong.” He further stated that the dealership located in Youngstown found the marijuana from July 7 to July 11. The drug was fitted inside the wheel wells for the cars’ spare tires. Each of those wheels where the drug was packed inside weighed nearly 32 lbs.

Marijuana was discovered in 15 vehicles in nearly four Ohio counties. Apart from Ohio drugs were also discovered from cars in Pennsylvania. According to Balzano, this is not the first time. Drugs were stored in vehicles sent from Mexico. Although he admitted that this is the first time such an incident took place locally, similar discoveries were made in Minnesota and the Phoenix area earlier in 2017.

Not an isolated incident, says DEA

The DEA and the police state that this is not an isolated incident as in March 2017, marijuana was found packed in Ford Fusion cars manufactured in Mexico by the law enforcement officials in Dilworth, Minnesota. In an arrangement similar to the recent drug capture incident, police in Minnesota stated that a massive amount of weed was found inside the trunk of 7 cars.

This was found in the area where the car’s spare tire should have been. According to the police, the vehicles were transported in BNSF Railway cars that were sealed.

A spokesperson from the Ford Motor Company stated that the organization was aware of the incident and was taking things very seriously. The spokesperson also informed the media that the car manufacturing company was working in tandem with the customs and FBI on an “extensive investigation.” It was confirmed by the representative of the company that the marijuana was not being placed inside the cars at Ford’s manufacturing plants or shipping yards.