Another legend of the Hollywood industry has passed away. George A. Romero, the first person who was known for his horror movies, has died on Sunday at the age of 77 due to his lung disease. Chris Roe, Romero's manager, has issued an official statement about his death.

It was officially stated that Romero passed away on July 16 while listening to the score of "The Quiet Man." As per a report from Entertainment Tonight, the legendary horror director was surrounded by his wife and entire family during his death. The director has died peacefully in his sleep.

Nevertheless, his legacy into the movie industry will live on.

Zombie film genre

Romero was first known back in 1968 during his first revolutionary film, "Night of the Living Dead." The legendary director was also known for his zombie-kind of films. A report from Entertainment Tonight has further shared that his first film centered on a group of people who were trapped inside the farm house.

The film was shot in black and white and it all featured the undead who started to wander on the earth. Further, Romero's first film became known for its extraordinary effects which also featured a prominent African-American protagonist back then. Apart from his horror movies, there were also other notable films which he created like "The Crazies," and "Season of the Witch."

Fight to lung cancer

It was believed that the legendary horror director has a long-time and aggressive fight to his Lung Cancer illness.

At the height of his career, everyone from his family was saddened after learning that he has to face such kind of illness. Romero, being the creator of the "Night Of The Living Dead," will always be known for his expertise with zombie film genres. Apart from being a director, he was also once a co-writer into one of his films.

Amid his death, Romero is leaving his loving family behind and as well as his supportive friends. Peter Grunwald, his long time production partner, has stated that his legendary legacy in the film making will continue to endure and endure for a long time.

He will always be remembered for his various works which have barely created box office successes. He was also known for projects like "Dawn of the Dead," which debuted on 1979. He was also recognized for being the only person who created that so called "American Nightmare," due to his numerous American films. His death may sadden everyone he left, but his memories will continue to linger in the Hollywood industry.