On Tuesday, the trump administration sanctioned 18 Iranian citizens and organizations that help run state programs that are non-Nuclear Weapons to remind Iran of President Donald Trump hard stance on its actions despite efforts to keep the nuclear agreement.

The recent experience of Iranian military funding comes from an Iranian company that has helped the country's state program for Turkish military equipment suppliers and the Chinese network that has allowed Tehran electronics. Sanctions freeze assets in the United States and prevent US citizens from conducting business with them.

Tough US sanctions on Iran

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the sanctions give a strong signal that the US is able and will not tolerate provocative and destabilizing Iranian behavior.

He said the administration continues to aggressively attack Iran's malicious actions, including ongoing state aid for terrorism, development of nuclear weapons, and human rights abuses among others.

The announcement came a few hours after Trump announced to Congress for that Iran had signed the nuclear deal and could continue to benefit from sanctions. The administration insists that Tehran is in breach of the spirit of the agreement.

Trump, who condemned the 2015 Pact, gave more time to consider whether to stop or leave it intact.

Instead, Trump's employees tried to emphasize their deep concern about Iran's nuclear behavior and promised that these violations would not remain unpunished.

Trump's hard stance on Iran

During the campaign, Trump told the Israeli Political Action Committee of America that his first priority is the disarmament disaster with Iran.

And often returns to the matter during the US presidential election campaign, describing, among other things, the business as catastrophic.

After shifting from the previous threat to the cancellation, officials said the administration is working with US allies to try to correct the shortcomings of the deal, including the focus on nuclear restrictions after several decades or more.

Officials also said the US would speed up Tehran with new sanctions that paralyze the development of ballistic missiles and other activities.

Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and the administration believe that Iran is undoubtedly has violated the spirit of the agreement. This assessment has no legal force, and the Trump certificate, which Iran meets the technical requirements, is a clear way to eliminate sanctions.

The late announcement of the day limited the rejection by the president of the rejection of the last moment of his decision and the deep and steady separation in his administration of how to deal with the basic national security problem.