jared kushner, a senior adviser to the Trump administration and the son-in-law of the President, released his revised financial disclosure. In it, it was noticeable that he disclosed an additional $10.6 million in assets compared to the first personal financial disclosure.

Kushner released the revised financial disclosure as it is an ordinary review process by the United States Office of Government Ethics. According to The Sacramento Bee, the additional $10.6 million came from an art collection, the proceeds from selling his interest in a shopping mall at the Jersey Shore Area, and from his shares in a company that managed the interest of apartments somewhere in Toledo, Ohio.

In the amended disclosure, Kushner also noted that he has a $5 million to $25 million stake in a holding company that owns his real estate tech startup that he and his brother founded.

Lawyer for Kushner explains the new assets of client

A lawyer for Kushner, Jamie Gorelick, said that financial disclosures of federal officials could be amended noting that Ivanka Trump’s husband has complex finances. Gorelick also said that both Kushner and Trump have followed the needed steps to become federal officials. The latest financial disclosure of Kushner is the final version and was certified by the Office of Government Ethics last week.

Ivanka Trump’s financial disclosure not yet certified

Gorelick also said that Trump’s financial disclosure is still not certified since she filed it at a later time.

Trump transitioned from a private individual to a federal official after she announced that she would take on a role at the White House, which is not paid, Time reported.

The assets she reported amounted to at least $66 million. She also recently earned $13.5 million since last year from her many businesses. One of the businesses disclosed is the new Trump hotel near the White House.

Per their joint account, Kushner and Trump made at least $100 million since the start of 2016. Their combined assets amounted to at least $206 million.

Some of her assets came from the $50 million she placed on her business trust, which produced $1 million to $5 million in income from her businesses and corporations. She also received $2.5 million after she resigned from Trump Organization and also received around $787,500 as initial payment for her book “Women Who Work.” She will also continue to receive $1.5 million annually from her real estate and consulting transactions in the past.

Trump: Kushner’s capabilities as federal officials questioned again

Despite undergoing the needed process for federal officials, the latest financial disclosure of Kushner once again questioned the possibility of having a conflict regarding his businesses and his role in the White House.

They resigned from many of their corporate positions. Kushner left 266 corporate positions while Trump left 292.