Jared Kushner is "worried" that Steve Bannon will leak damaging information about him in a new round of leaks to come out of the White House, this according to a New York Times reporter. Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser have clashed with Bannon in the past over several issues. The president's top political strategist may have something on Kushner that could be potentially damaging amid the Russian investigation.

Kushner and Bannon's feud reignites

New York Times reporter, Glenn Thrush, tweeted that the truce Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon made a few months ago has ended and that their feud is back on.

President Trump sat the two of them down and demanded they stop leaking damaging information about each other, Raw Story reports.

Thrush explains in his tweet that Kushner is concerned Bannon may worsen the negative press he's received over contacts he made with a Russian banker last year. He's already a person of interest in the Trump-Russia investigation after he allegedly requested a secret back-channel so Russian officials could communicate with members of the Trump campaign.

Bannon bragged about "sidelining" Kushner?

As Raw Story writes, those close to Kushner and Bannon have frequently accused them of dropping leaks on each other. Roger Stone initially accused the president's son-in-law of leaking "fake news" about Bannon in April to MSNBC's John Scarborough, who said in May that Bannon was attempting to "sideline" Kushner in Trump's inner circle by leaking stories about his Russian connections.

As Scarborough shared in his revelation, his sources told him that Steve Bannon didn't think he had to worry about Jared Kushner much longer because he had enough on him to at least undermine his influence in the administration. Bannon was said to be bragging to journalists about dirt he had on Kushner regarding contacts with a Russian bank.

It was only a few days later when reports came out exposing Kushner's contact with the bank, which didn't seem like a coincidence to Scarborough.

More leaks possible

At a time everyone on the Trump team should come together, it may be the opposite with tensions running high amid ongoing scandals. As if suspicions of Russian interference in the 2016 election isn't bad enough, the firing of former FBI Director James Comey has added another layer of scrutiny to Trump's presidency. Will Steve Bannon leak damaging information about Jared Kushner?