Not long after at least three Islamic terrorists attacked London on Saturday night, First Daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump decided to comment on the incident. Within minutes of sending out her message, Ivanka was hit with a onslaught of criticism on social media.

Ivanka on London

Late Saturday night on the London Bridge, a van plowed through a crowd of innocent pedestrians. At least seven people have been confirmed as dead, with many others left injured. In addition, two other incidents took place in the area, with the attackers using a knife to stab people at a nearby restaurant.

Three suspects have since been compromised after a stand off with police, with eight others being arrested at a flat in east London that was owned by one of the deceased attackers. Only vague details have been released about who was behind the act of terror, with the Islamic State (ISIS) claiming credit. Donald Trump was quick to tweet his thoughts, but was instantly hit with criticism for turning the tragedy into an excuse to promote his travel ban, while also insulting the mayor of London and mocking political correctness and gun control. While the president was using Twitter to express his views on the issue, Ivanka Trump did the same, but was also hit with backlash, as seen in a series of replies on June 4.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday to express her sympathy for London was Ivanka Trump. "Praying for the people of London. We stand in solidarity with our friends from the U.K.

You are in our thoughts and prayers," Ivanka tweeted. The first daughter's message was one that is too often found after a terrorist attack, complete with generic "thoughts and prayers" and "solidarity" phrases which didn't go over well with critics.

Twitter reacts

In the aftermath of Ivanka Trump's tweet about the London Bridge attack, social media critics didn't hold back their thoughts.

"Trying to humanize yourself again Ivanka? Start by telling @realDonaldTrump to properly serve & support the American people," one Twitter user wrote.

"Can you teach your father how to react humanely to tragedy?" another social media user asked. "Sadly we were NOT in your fathers first thoughts as his 1st tweet response to terror in our capital was to justify his Muslim ban," another tweet read.

"Pray for America, we are under siege from Russian​ spies and corruption. Well ask your husband, he knows," an additional tweet noted. The backlash continued to follow Ivanka Trump's tweet, as the partisan divide in the United States and opposition to the Trump family doesn't look to be ending anytime soon.