Tiger Woods is known worldwide as a man with superior athletic abilities. Last week, his reputation for being coordinated with agility took a turn for the worse. Early in the morning on Monday, someone released police footage of Woods appearing to be clueless of his surroundings while trying to cooperate with a sobriety test given to him by law enforcement. The Video released shows the phenomenal golf pro unable to move in a straight line.

The shocking scene is tragic, yet stunning at the same time. It is the latest result stemming from an event Woods attended on Memorial Day which took place in Jupiter, FL.

Police found the sports pro nearly unconscious and behind the wheel of his Mercedes approximately 15 minutes away from his home on Jupiter Island.

Video details

The sobriety examination lasted around 30 minutes. In the video footage with Florida Police, Woods is seen experiencing issues with following instructions provided to him by an unidentified officer. The athlete even slurred his speech after attempting to recite the alphabet in one of the tests. According to what’s visible in the video, it only took 27 minutes for police to become aware that Woods was intoxicated. After failing several tests, the officers apprehended Woods and proceeded to take him into police custody.

The media goes wild

Startling media reports quickly exposed the incident only a few hours after it occurred. According to information provided by Yahoo! News, reporters communicated that Woods provided a statement where he admitted to being under the influence of prescription medications. It remains unclear what his intentions were while out driving at 2:00 a.m.

local time. Where he planned on going at the time also remains a mystery.

Camera crews and media reporters from all over the globe surrounded the Jupiter Police Department anxiously waiting for more details. Radio Talk Shows and podcasts talked about his slump on the golf course, and how the once-great golfer was no longer on top of the world.

Ultimately, it has been quite the fall from grace for the former star in recent years.

The public responds

Many are still contemplating when anyone will be able to view him on a golf course again, and the topic is surely something that intrigues both golf fans and sports fans as a whole. While he is currently still in the process of recovering from his latest back surgery, only time will tell if he will be hitting on the green anytime soon. In the meantime, however, this latest incident has clearly not yet blown over.