After the latest Islamic terrorist attack rocked the United Kingdom on Saturday night, Donald Trump was quick to offer his thoughts. As expected, backlash quickly followed, including from two high-profiled critics of the president.

Trump checked

On Saturday night, at least three suspects were killed following a terrorist attack at and around the London Bridge. As of press time, seven deaths have been confirmed, with dozens of innocent civilians left injured. In addition to the three suspects, eight others have been arrested in relation to the attack after authorities raided an east London flat owned by the terrorists in question.

After being briefed on what took place, Donald Trump sent out a pair of tweets, both with drastically different messages. One of Trump's tweets offered London help from the United States, while the other promoted his controversial travel ban. On Sunday morning, Trump returned to Twitter to insult the mayor of London, while lashing out at political correctness and mocking the fact that the terrorists didn't use guns. In response, author Stephen King and actor George Takei decided to give their thoughts in a series of Twitter posts on June 4.

After Donald Trump fired off his tweets about the attacks in London, Stephen King sent out a short, but to the point reality check on the issue.

"If those London a**holes had had guns, the death toll would have been much higher," King wrote. In a follow-up tweet, the author added, "London lives. And thrives. And stands together. I love you guys. We all do."

Takei speaks

In addition to Stephen King, George Takei also chimed in on social media over Donald Trump and his reaction to the London terrorist attack.

"We need to not politicize terror. We need to show compassion while people are still in shock. We need to not make policy based on prejudice," Takei wrote.

"Trump is chomping at the bit to exploit the first incident he can pin on terrorists within the U.S.

Remember that if and when it happens," George Takei tweeted out. "Just imagine if they had easy, unfettered access to powerful semi-automatic weapons," Takei noted in response to Trump's tweet about gun control.

"He said there was no reason to be alarmed by the increased police presence over the next few days, you hare-brained miscreant.

Sit down," George Takei pointed out in response to Donald Trump taking the mayor of London's words out of context. "Your lawyers JUST argued in federal court that it was not a Travel Ban, it was a 'pause.' Oops. #DeleteYourAccount." The criticism wasn't isolated to just Takei and Stephen King as the president was once again tending on social media for all the wrong reasons.