Barron Trump's Coping Mechanism upon arriving in Washington, D.C. on Sunday came in the form of a "fidget spinner," a toy that is getting a lot of attention today. The first son and his mother, Melania Trump, made their move to the White House on Sunday, a milestone event for the pair. 11-year-old Barron just finished the school year in New York and now he'll be living at the White House for the duration of his father's presidency.

First son was seen with cool anxiety-reducing gadget

Barron Trump was spotted holding a fidget spinner in one of his hands when he got off Air Force One.

He could be seen spinning it around as he walked down the plane's steps. Donald Trump's youngest son will face some big changes as he settles into his new life in Washington. It's a lot different than the gilded high-rise penthouse at Trump Tower.

According to App.Com, the fidget spinner is a tool for kids and adults to reduce anxiety. They're plastic palm-sized toys with "two or three arms, or prongs, and a ball bearing device in the middle that allows the toy to spin when twirled."

The fidget spinner is such a hot craze right now, that manufacturers are experiencing shortages.

There's great concern that if they produce more of toys that the fad may end, according to the website. Sales are expected to rise to $500 million and Barron Trump may have just ensured that the fad won't die anytime soon.

Some of the makers of fidget spinners are Spinzipz and Spinbladez, which are stocking the devices at Toys “R” Us stores.

The Spinbladez spinner is exclusively sold at Toys "R" Us and feature a three-pronged spinner with LED lights that be stacked in twos or threes to give special effects.

Numerous schools prohibit fidget spinners

Newsweek reports that a third of the U.S.' 200 largest schools have banned the fidget spanner, arguing that it's too distracting for kids and teens in the classroom.

Ironically, cell phones are allowed at school which is also a distraction. It's unknown if Barron will be permitted to bring his spinner to St. Andrews Episcopal School in Maryland when he begins there this fall.

Barron is going through a massive change

Barron Trump is only 11-years-old, even though he appears much older due to his height and mature look. During previous sightings of Barron, he wasn't seen with the fidget spinner, but he wasn't moving permanently from a home he's known since birth either. The reality of the situation may have played a role in the president's son needing to rely on the spinner more than normal.