Barron Trump is upset over a highly offensive image that Kathy Griffin posted online, mocking his father. She was holding up a mask that depicted Donald Trump's head with blood all over his face. The comedienne was skewered for her actions, and finally apologized after defending the tasteless photo shoot. Now it's being revealed by the president himself that his youngest son was affected by the violent image.

Family members appalled

Trump's family is appalled at Kathy Griffin's disturbing photo shoot, with the Donald Trump, Jr. calling it "disgusting" and that liberals nowadays consider this kind of behavior "acceptable." The president responded to the controversy Wednesday by tweeting that his children, "especially my 11-year-old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this.


TMZ reports that Barron saw the image on TV Tuesday night and thought the head was actually his father. He reportedly screamed for his mother and had to be reassured that nothing terrible had happened to his dad. Barron doesn't know who Kathy Griffin is and didn't connect that it was a horrible joke.

Griffin's initial intention

Griffin was calling back to Trump's infamous line about Megan Kelly at the 2015 Republican presidential debate, when he said "blood was coming out of her eyes" and "her wherever." She defended the photo-op by claiming she was mocking the "Mocker-in-Chief." It didn't hold water with anyone - not even Chelsea Clinton - who chided Griffin for the photo, tweeting that it was "vile and wrong."

First son forced to adjust to new life

Barron Trump had a difficult time during his father's campaign, it was revealed after the election.

His mother made every effort possible to shield him from the trauma but the enormity of all the upheaval in the family's lives was still present. One of the main reasons Melania stayed behind in New York City at Trump Tower was to not disrupt Barron's current school year at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. She wanted to provide a sense of stability for him amid the epic life changes as a result of his dad becoming President of the United States.

Melania and Barron Trump will relocate to the White House at the end of June. Barron will attend St. Andrews Episcopal School in Maryland next fall.

Griffin "begs" for forgiveness

Kathy Griffin is begging everyone for forgiveness over the bloodied mask photo, admitting she "went too far" and now gets that it wasn't funny. Her wake up call emerged from all the backlash from her fans and fellow celebrities. She asked photographer, Tyler Shields, to remove the photo.