Christopher Cornell died on Wednesday night in Detroit according to Brian Bumbery who was one of his representatives; what caused his death is still not known.

Born as Christopher John Boyle on July 20th, 1964, Christopher was an American musician, songwriter, and singer and is best referred to as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter for Audioslave and Soundgarden bands. Christopher has been in the music industry since 1984.

Since he began his music career, he has released four music albums and has received a Golden Globes nomination award for his song the keeper.

The song has appeared in the movie Machine Gun Preacher. He also wrote the theme song used for the James Bond Casino Royale film and is named by Rolling Stone as the 9th best lead singer of all times.

Christophers' life

Christopher was born and raised in Seattle from a pharmacist father and an accountant mother. All his four siblings were singers that performed for the band Inflatable Soule in the 1990s. Christopher was a fan of rock music and was a fan of The Beatles. He was a school dropout and was a sous-chef before he became a musician.

He was first married to Susan Silver, the manager of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden bands. Both had one daughter but later divorced in 2004. He also got married again to Vicky Karayiannis who was a Paris-based American publicist. They both had a daughter and son. His addiction to drugs and alcohol was regarded as a setback to his career.

Music career

Christopher began his music career by forming Soundgarden in 1984. The band became the most successful in Seattle in the early 1990s. The band released their first album named Superknown in March 1994; it became number 1 on the Billboard 200. In 1998, he began working on his solo albums.

He later released Euphoria morning in 1999, Cary On in 2007, Songbook in 2011, and Higher Truth in 2015.

Christopher has released six albums with bands such as Soundgarden, three with Audioslave and one with Temple of the Dog. He has so far been nominated for 18 awards.

He won five of the awards he was nominated; they include MTV video music awards in 1994 for best Rock video for the song Black Hole Sun, best metal performance in 1995 for the song Spoonman, and best hard rock performance for his Black Hole Sun song in the same year.

He won the 2006 Satelite Awards for Best original song for the song "You Know My Name" which was produced for the James Bond movie "Casino Royale". The last award which he won was in 2007 was awarded to him in the World Soundtrack Award for the best original song; You Know My Name.