Since #911 American airplane cockpits are heavily guarded by a sequence of codes and alarms that make entering the cockpit of an airplane difficult.

But last week, reports surfaced that the codes securing cockpit doors on United Airlines planes could have been leaked to the general public inadvertently by #United workers.

#United Continental Holdings, the company that owns the Airline, informed all its staff on May 8th-9th that the security airplane codes and safety intelligence had been posted by a flight attendant online. It wasn't the result of a cyber security breach but rather a mistake according to the company.

And so conversely, anybody with the right codes may be able to get into the cockpit, which is certainly worrying and a cause for concern.

The company #United Continental Holdin has launched an action plan that looks at the risk of a breach of the Flight Deck door, which can be mitigated by adhering to flight deck security procedures. United Pilots have been requested to confirm the identity of anyone who comes into the flight deck visually, even if those entering carry the correct codes. The airline will probably have to change all its codes which is a manual and drawn out process.