Since the trauma and grief inflicted on the United States by 911, #Airport security procedures have been transformed in ways that are we couldn't imagine, with enhanced security and an eagle by the #TSA.

Ever since the #Twin Towers collapsed on September 11th 2001, security procedures at the departures side of the airport has included enhanced screening, laptops being screened, shoes coming off, jackets and belts coming off as well as liquids being banned and not allowed on the flight. Woman and parents have had to make do with less infant formula and many have gotten into situations where they have had to fight for their right to take bottled breast milk on the flight.

All other passengers have had to make do with a tiny #Ziploc bags filled with bottles containing less than 100 milliliters of beauty products and face creams.

Body scanners are an issue

Many have taken issue with these Body Scanners as well, and have instead chosen to get a pat down instead. But getting a pat down can be a fraught process for those with various issues such as #Post Traumatic Stress.

Airport screening has had to change and adjust throughout the history of flying. One wonders what we will be making do without in twenty years when, perhaps, we will be able to take a flight to #Mars. We will just have to wait and see.