Another Airline has found itself in hot water this weekend. A video has surfaced of a mother crying while holding her baby after being accosted by a male crew member aboard an American Airlines flight this past Friday.

The incriminating video

The actual Confrontation was not included in the video, but an eyewitness said that the employee "violently took a stroller from the lady with a baby" and struck her, "just missing the child." Another passenger, Olivia Morgan, said he "jerked it away from her and almost hit the baby in the head." Morgan spoke out in defense for the mother but was yelled at by the crew member and told to "stay out of it." The video picks up after this alleged encounter, capturing the mother of two pleading to get the stroller back.

Also included in the video, which has made its rounds on social media, is a male passenger getting up to confront the crew member. The passenger can be seen shouting, "You do that to me and I'll knock you flat." In response, the flight attendant eggs him on, saying, "Try it, hit me. Come on, bring it on." In the video, it can be seen that the two men are in close contact with each other.

American Airline's quick response

American Airlines worked quickly to rectify the situation. The distressed mother and her family were escorted off the plane and upgraded to first class on another flight. Once the flight landed at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, American Airlines quickly issued a statement.

In their statement, American Airlines said, "We have seen the video and have already started an investigation...We are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family."

The flight attendant in question has since been suspended. This comes at a volatile time for airlines, seeing as the United Airlines debacle involving a 59-year old doctor being violently dragged off a flight occurred just a few weeks ago.

On that flight, because seats had been overbooked, passengers were offered money to give up their seats. Dr. David Dao agreed, until finding out he wouldn't make it home in time for work. Because he then refused to get off the flight, he was violently dragged off the plane, as shown in a video that has shocked many. In it, he was bloodied and limp, while shocked passengers shouted in protest.

Dr. Dao sustained several injuries from the confrontation and is filing charges against the airlines. United Airlines was also under scrutiny a few weeks ago for not letting two girls onto a flight because they were wearing leggings.

These past incidents may leave prospective passengers wondering just how "friendly" the friendly skies really are.