A secret Fight Club went undetected by school administrators for a very long time. The pre-teens were able to skip classes to go rumble in the school bathroom -- and no one noticed. According to the police department, the group comprises of 12 and 13-year-old kids, who wagered $5.00 to $10.00 on each fight.

Police bust fight club at Tarkanian Middle School

Clark’s county police said the Tarkanian Middle School is where the incidents took place. Administrative staff denied reports that they knew about the fight club, yet did nothing to report it to the cops.

An investigation launched by the officers will shed more light on the illegal club. The group comprised of boys from the seventh grade, who reportedly recorded the staged sessions that they wagered on. The Fox News affiliate in Las Vegas broke the news about the secret "Fight Club."

School administrators failed to notice

According to the school’s spokesperson, although reports have surfaced that the fight club had been operating for a while, they had only recently found out about it. However, one parent found the report ridiculous, he said there is no way the club could have operated without the administrative body realizing what the young boys were doing.

A parent of one of the children involved in the club spoke to Fox 4 News.

In the interview, he told the station that there is no way the club should have gone unnoticed, especially with the huge ruckus created by the kids. Reportedly, there was loud screaming and banging during the fights. The parent added that it is totally impossible and unacceptable that no one really knew about it.

The father said his son is among the children that took part in the staged fights.

According to the man, these are boys, they are only 12-year old kids and, just as most children do, they want to fit in and be cool. However, he said, he is not condoning their actions, they are just a group of boys who made a very bad decision.

The videotaped fights were done while classes were in sessions, which led to the big question of why the school’s administrators did not realize that some of the boys were missing from these classes.

An investigation was launched by the Clark County School District. A story in the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday stated that the wagered fights were posted on social media platforms Snapchat and Instagram.

The fight club even had rules; the main rule was no facial blows in order to conceal bruises and other telltale signs. Reportedly, the suspensions handed down will last up to 10 days.