Did Donald and Melania Trump sign divorce papers, but not file because he won the election? That's a big rumor going around after a former White House staffer alleged this on Twitter Sunday night. Speculation into the couple's marriage has intensified since the inauguration. Their every interaction is put under a microscope and subject to scrutiny. The latest claim that the Trumps signed divorce documents will only add to continuing speculation.

Were the Trumps about to divorce?

According to a tweet by Claude Taylor, he heard from a member with MSM (mass media member) that Donald and Melania Trump were ready to get divorced but put it off when the surprise win happened in the election.

He alleged that a reporter well known to everyone told him this information. He's unsure about why it hasn't been revealed in the media, but suspects that several reporters haven't been able to get clearance from editors to publish it. When someone questioned him about why editors would refrain from writing about the divorce, Taylor explained that the legal hoops media outlets have to jump through are significant before they can print or air it.

Taylor's Twitter profile reads that he's a veteran of three presidential campaigns and served as a White House staff member during the Clinton administration. His tweet has 4.2K retweets and is beginning to pick up steam.

Donald and Melania Trump divorce rumors are often shot down as "fake news," with readers blasting the press for reading too much into the first couple's marriage.

Body language experts analyze the Trumps and make conclusions based on little gestures or how they awkwardly hold hands at times.

Melania refuses to hold husband's hand in Israel

A TMZ report published Monday included a video that showed Melania swatting her husband's hand away when he attempted to hold it after they landed in Tel Aviv.

The first lady may have reminded her husband that it was inappropriate to reach out for her hand while in a country that values being conservative. It would've been more embarrassing for Trump and the United States if Melania had to spell it out for him on the tarmac. Instead, she quickly pulled her hand away.

Sources have claimed that Melania is miserable with her husband and that she never wanted to be first lady. The White House has been quick to denounce such stories and chide any news outlet for using unidentified sources. Despite this, rumors about Donald and Melania Trump getting a divorce persist.