Cheltenham High School, located in Philadelphia, PA had a major Brawl that left several teachers and security officers injured. Four female students were recorded on camera viciously assaulting each other while teachers and security officers attempted to break up the altercation. The four female students were charged and taken into custody this morning. Three of the females were minors and one of them was eighteen.

Cheltenham High violence

In the aftermath of the incident, several Cheltenham students were asked about the school's violence. Most of them stated that the school has been having these violent occurrences quite often of late.

Word on what caused the fight to breakout has yet to be confirmed. Two of the teachers had to be taken away in an ambulance due to injuries sustained during the brawl.

Later that same day, another fight broke out during the afternoon, injuring several other teachers. The details of the second brawl have yet to be confirmed, but due to the injury of more staff members, the school will have to make arrangements to ensure better safety for its faculty and students. The school has made arrangements to add additional safety personnel for the rest of the school year.

Social media effect

Social media has become a crucial outlet for world news. In this day and age, people are able to report news by using the recording camera on their smartphones and upload in real-time.

However, the downside to this is seeing the amount of anger students have for one another. High school brawls are becoming more and more viral today, and parents are more concerned about their children.

Also, with the way that social media works, whatever has the greatest shock value tends to be what gets shared and goes viral.

With recent incidents on Facebook Live involving crimes being committed, suicide, and other horrendous activities, it may be worth reflecting on what message is being sent, and the way that we as a society are using technology as a whole. Perhaps it's time to think of another solution.