The 2017 Met Gala that roared into the world's laptops and newsfeeds on the weekend wasn’t just about fashion people, darling. The event was littered with faces and personalities from the film, television, media and even sport worlds. Fittingly, many heads were turned as many different personalities celebrated their inner freaks and their wily alter egos at the annual #Costume Institute all-nighter.

#Serena Williams turned up and had the paparazzi and media clicking furiously on their cameras, as artist Jeff Koons attended, saying the gala was a prefect blend of fashion and art.

“We come almost every year,” he said to the media as Justine Wheeler, his wife stood by him.

Other new york faces climbed the steps in their suits and gowns. There was the financier #Stephen Schwarzman, who had an excessive birthday party last year that cost more than most people ever hope to own in their entire lives. This is the sort of excess that the Met Gala trades in, except the event gives all its proceeds to the Costume Institute.

And the rest

Then there were the pop stars – Celine Dion, #Madonna (in full fatigues) Katy Perry. There were also brand ambassadors such as Kim Kardasian, Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow.

And a new brand of wear made it into local parlance - nude dressing. The sort of see through gowns wore by hot models such as Kendal Jenner and the Hadids.