Fans were surprised to see Gwyneth Paltrow partying alongside Calvin Klein designer Franco Costa at this year's #Met Gala. She wore a pale pink column dress with one shoulder and sequins. The mom of two - recently divorced and shacked up with Hollywood producer Brad Falchuk - wore her sleek blonde hair pinned back in a long ponytail, looking very much the cool Californian that she has become.

A few years ago Paltrow had trashed the Met Gala, and likely offended doyenne of Vogue Anna Wintour, saying it was an 'un-fun' and needlessly cramped affair.

She added that she'd prefer to miss it than have to succumb to standing in overheated rooms for hours on end.

Changed her mind

With a new lease of life for #Goop as a magazine (Wintour is helping out with the magazine, ka-ching!), Paltrow is no doubt keen to get the coverage and promote her own personal brand, which is inextricably tied up to the Goop brand itself. Working alongside Wintour on the magazine as well meant that Gywnnie probably didn't have much choice but to suffer in silence. One also wonders if Wintour, in forcing Paltrow to go to the event, got her comeuppance for the thoughtless remarks.

Paltrow looked sleek in her pink dress but maybe at some point a little ill at ease, in photos that were quickly broadcast from the hot gala to the world.