Two world leaders, US President Donald Trump and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin are scheduled for some crunch talks amidst some tension following the Trump decision to hit Syria with missiles.

It is the first time that the two great leaders will meet via a phone call after Moscow denounced the US president's decision. They are scheduled to talk at 5:30 pm BST as tensions around the world seem to be out of control.

US has violated the Intermediate-range Nuclear Force Treaty

Russia has accused the US of violating an existing arms treaty after the deployment of ballistic missiles in Romania and some plans to deploy more to Poland.

According to Moscow, the United States has just violated the INFT which was duly signed by the Washington and the Soviet Union in the late 1980s.

Such a treaty was initiated in order to eliminate if not minimize the nuclear and intermediate range missile and it was believed to be the turning point of the good relationship between Russia and the United States. Further, according to the Russian foreign ministry, "Washington is providing deliberately false information about its fulfillment of obligations under the INFT treaty." In the statement, they added, "For years, the United States has been simply ignoring Russia's serious concerns."

Relationship between two nations has deteriorated

One of the claims from Putin revealed that the relationship between two cold war nations has not made improvements; and in fact, it has just deteriorated.

According to the strongman of Russia, this started happening when Trump, the former business tycoon took office in the White House.

It can be recalled that US President Trump has some praise for the Russian leader and even made a pledge of working with him in bringing down the ISIS. But now these two world leaders are engaged with the Syria's escalating tension as Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, warns to wipe US "off the face of the earth." Apparently, this risks of conflict between these two presidents could raise worldwide destabilization.

Meanwhile, in a report by USA Today, Commerce Secretary Wilbor Ross considered this missile attack on Syria to be an "after-dinner entertainment" for those who attended the Mar-a-Lago week in Palm Beach, Fla. It was during the summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping that Trump announced the launching of 59 missiles against Syria.